Medisana IN525 54115

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  • Medisana IN525 54115
Medisana IN525 54115

Medisana IN525 54115

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  - High efficiency through innovative micro-membrane nebulisation (mesh technology) with ultrafine droplets
 - For targeted treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract (e.g. asthma and cold)
 - Comprehensive set of accessories
 - Use for a short time in the supine position is also possible
Technical data: 
* Particularly effective thanks to high proportion of respirable aerosols
* Inhalation with mask or mouthpiece - also eminently suitable for children
* Low -noise nebulisation
*Low power consumption ( no more than 0,9 watts) 
* Automatic switch-off with an empty solution tank 
* Size: 7,2 x 4 x 10,8 cm
* Weight: 0,1 kg
* Batteries: 2 x 1,5 V AA (included)
* Filling volume - max. 8ml
* Nebulizing output: >0,2ml/min
* Particle size: Average <5