AT-858S Quick Check Alcohol Tester Portable Blow Breathing Alcohol Tester

AT-858S Quick Check Alcohol Tester Portable Blow Breathing Alcohol Tester

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1. Black screen red text display and three-speed LED light display
2. Five test units (%BAC, ‰BAC(g/L) mg/L, mg/100ml) with 10 mouthpieces
3. Loud sound alarm, power-saving automatic shutdown
4. Sensor: semiconductor alcohol sensor
5. Voltage: 4.5v
6. Power supply mode: 3 AAA batteries (need to purchase by yourself)
7. Warm-up time: 20 seconds
8. Response time: 5 seconds
9. Working environment: 5 to 40 degrees Celsius
10. Test range: 0.00-0.19% BAC, 0-1.99‰BAC (g/L), 0-0.995mg/L, 0-199mg/100ml
11. Dimensions: 125 x 68 x 24mm
12. Weight: 75g

1. Test after drinking for at least 20 minutes, because it takes about 20 minutes for alcohol to be absorbed from the digestive system into the blood. Immediately after drinking, the results can only reflect the alcohol concentration in the mouth at that time, not the alcohol concentration in the blood.
2. In order to make the test result accurate, please wait 20 minutes after drinking alcohol before performing the test. The test time should be more than 3 minutes from the last test.
3. Smoking and eating are strictly prohibited within 20 minutes before the test.
4. Do not directly wipe the product with chemicals or corrosive solvents, and avoid liquids from flowing into the blowing pipe.
5. If the test is carried out under low battery, there will be a certain deviation between the test value and the true value.
6. It is strictly forbidden to place and use it in a closed environment with corrosive gas or air pollution such as paints, pesticides, and alcohol.
7. Unauthorized repair and damage to internal parts and accessories will cause product failure.

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