How to order

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Step 1. Adding items to the cart

Select the product you are interested in on the website and put it in the basket by clicking “Add to cart” button

1) Right in the main page


2) In the product card


Step 2. Proceed to checkout


Step 3. Confirm and edit the cart


1. If necessary, change the number of selected products by clicking on the arrows indicating the direction in a larger or smaller direction.

The total cost changes automatically. 

You can also remove goods from the basket by clicking on the container..

2. Confirm the selected product in the basket by clicking on the “Checkout” button

Step 4. Order Confirmation

  1. Fill in all the required fields, including the city.


  1. After filling in the customer data, enter the data for receiving the goods by the pick-up point.

2.1 Enter the phone number to receive your product using the code received in the SMS message.

2.2 Enter the zip code and address to find the closest pick-up point near you.

2.3 Select a suitable pick-up point for you.


  1. The default payment method, bank transfer, is the safest option for the client to fix the transaction.

  2. If you wish, you can write a comment or preference for your order, confirm the order by clicking on the “Checkout” button


Step 5. Your order is confirmed

Do not forget to indicate the order number for the purpose of payment, the order will be accepted after receiving the payment.