DAJA M1 Pro 10W Metal Nameplate High Precision Characters Laser Carving Machine, Style:Rotating Shaft(EU Plug)

DAJA M1 Pro 10W Metal Nameplate High Precision Characters Laser Carving Machine, Style:Rotating Shaft(EU Plug)

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1. Generate QR code/barcode, scan the code to identify the content, smarter and faster
2. Double red light fixed focus: easy positioning, more convenient focusing
3. High-performance professional metal marking machine, wide application range, double red light positioning
4. 360-degree rotating marking, unlimited positioning, creative engraving, easy to complete engraving on large, medium and small objects such as cylinders and curved surfaces
5. Fast and accurate, easy to operate, applicable to multiple scenes, full power laser
6. Pulse wavelength 1064mm, 180 degree rotation to meet industrial marking
7. Foldable design, easy to carry
8. Industrial-grade APP operation, automatic code jumping/serial number
9. Easy to move, suitable for personal office
10. Extremely fast positioning, marking batch output
12. Rectangular positioning plate, adjustable positioning, more stable batch engraving
13. Support languages Chinese/English/Japanese/Korean
14. High-definition laser field lens, wide focus range, wear-resistant and non-slip, excellent marking
15. High-speed galvanometer scanning head, reducing delay, small error and automatic calibration
16. Suitable for metal pet tags, metal pendants, stainless steel kettles, plastic buttons, PVC pipes, plastic cases, acrylic plates, leather wallets, leather jugs, metal U disks, electroplated lighters, stainless steel ice wine coolers

1. Marking accuracy: less than or equal to 0.001mm
2. Marking speed: less than or equal to 10000mm/s
3. Ambient temperature: -10 to 65 degrees Celsius
4. Cooling method: built-in fan
5. Laser wavelength: 1064mm
6. Marking depth: 0.015-0.2mm
7. Power supply voltage: 110-240v
8. Machine power: no more than 300w
9. Laser power: 10w
10. Marking line width: 0.001-0.05mm
11. Body size: 30 x 20 x 32cm
12. Rotation axis size: 13 x 20 x 5.3cm
13. Marking format: 70x70mm
14. Weight of rotating shaft: 1.16kg
15. Body weight: 6.26kg

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